Safety and physical well-being are naturally of paramount importance.

In addition, residents are actively encouraged to take part in activities and events that stimulate the body, mind and spirit.

The home has a spacious dining room, lounge and conservatory that are used by residents for relaxation, entertainment and exercise or simply just to communicate with each other.

Regular activities are organised both in and outside the home to ensure residents live a full active life.


In-door activities such as:

  • Animal Visits

  • Bingo

  • Board Games

  • Quizzes

  • Target Games

  • Baking

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Flower Arranging

  • Sing-along entertainment

  • Hair Salon

  • Regular visits from entertainers

Out-door activities such as:

  • Grow our own plants in the garden 

  • Local trips out

Suggestions for new activities are welcomed and often implemented; ​ensuring residents are getting the most from life.

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