Review written by family member December 2020

"Chestnut Lodge feels me with confidence and my mum is always happy which is a sign of very good care.  Thank you!"

Review written by family member November 2020

"Whenever I see my mum, she is always smiling, that says it all."

Review written by family member November 2020

"This has without a doubt been one of the hardest and most challenging years for you all and in the early days of the pandemic i felt you were just left to 'hang out to dry' by the external support systems - despite some horrendous and sad days, you never lost sight of who you were caring for and I cannot thank you all enough for ensuring the continued safety of all the residents (and my brother in particular) through these past 9 months.

Review written by family member August 2019

"My sister moved to live at Chestnut Lodge in Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Kent after a lifetime living and working as a headmistress in London, to be cared for and also to be near me her only blood relative, in May 2016.  It was her choice to move into care before her condition worsened.

She has now been at Chestnut Lodge for just over 3 years and also her Alzheimer's has progressed. 


Throughout this time she has been very happy often commenting on how good the food is and especially how nice the staff are.  All her needs have been well met.  It is a most attractive and welcoming building with a lot of modern improvements and was a hotel before life as a Care Home.

Since Kelly and her staff took over, the management of Chestnut Lodge has got even better and now i feel that Chestnut Lodge supports me as well as my sister.  Her Alzheimer's is of course developing and we are slowly losing her.  Chestnut Lodge are very aware of her "anxieties" as she passed through this twilight world and also my upset at her gradual deterioration - it is incredibly sad - but my sisters needs are being very well met - she is physically in good health and active and needs stimulation and to feel useful.  this aspect is well catered for under the present regime.

I can thoroughly recommend Chestnut Lodge for your own relative and suggest you visit it and talk to the staff to discover how caring they are of every resident's needs and also the needs and support of us relatives/carers require too!

Chestnut Lodge is an excellent and indeed currently "improving" home open to comments and suggestions from visitors at all times and excellently led.  A Care Home is a community that needs to be self and mutually supporting and us relatives can help each other along, if you are able to interact with each other as we all travel on this difficult Dementia journey.  Meeting other family members experiencing a similar journey to you can be very beneficial.  this aspect in particular is now being developed at Chestnut Lodge and will make it an OUTSTANDING Care Home in the very near future under the current leadership team"

Review written by family member November 2020

"Management at the home continues to be efficient and caring, Kelly and all her staff do a great job in terrible circumstances"

Review written by family member November 2020


"Chestnut Lodge provides a safe and caring environment for all the residents, providing activities throughout the day and ensuring the residents feel included and valued."

Review written by family member December 2020

"My mother is in a friendly, warm and comfortable environment where her best interests are paramount.  We feel as a family that we are able to raise points and feel confident that they will be dealt with and reported back on should the situation arise, are continued thanks and appreciation for the care given to our mother."

Review written by family member November 2020

"Chestnut lodge treats my relative with kindness and compassion and have provided me with support when times have been tough.  Thank you for giving me piece of mind, knowing that my relative is safe and well cared for."

Review written by family member 21/08/2019

"We are so pleased as a family with the continued care, love and support our dad receives at Chestnut Lodge.  He is safe, warm and well fed!  The food is excellent.  I visit every week and i know how important it is to keep up to date with dad and monitor how he is doing.  Chestnut Lodge is a happy place and there is always something going on, whether the TV is on or the jukebox is playing, activity is always around, including arts and games.  The visits from entertainers or choirs at Christmas are always good fun.  Dad has been at Chestnut Lodge for 5 years and he has certainly enjoyed his time here.  Well done to all the staff at Chestnut Lodge, you are a joy!"

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